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Covered Bridge Park is a family owned and operated campground. The Sadecki family is made up of Andrew, Dzidka, and their 4 kids, Olek, Justina, Emilia and Julia. They are accompanied by their two loving, furry companions, Kubusz and Molly.

They moved here in 2007, from Toronto, where they spent 18 years, to the polar opposite, Covered Bridge Park.

Since 2007, Andrew, Dzidka and their kids missed no opportunity on this new life and journey. From farming chickens, sheep, rabbits, to the kids adjusting to new rural schools and friends, heating the home with a wood stove, there were many adjustments from city living.

The park has also expanded immensely since the family moved here in 2007. Cottages have been completely renovated, as well as developments to the washrooms, and expansion and maintenance in many forms throughout the property. Covered Bridge Park is now also more accessible than ever before, through various social media platforms.

This 150 acres old farm is a part of pioneer community located in the beautiful Ontario country of forests, hills, lakes and rivers in Renfrew County. The region of Barry's Bay, Wilno and Round Lake is known as "Madawaska Valley", but to people of Polish origin it is "Kaszuby"- 
named after the part of northern Poland from which the first settlers arrived here in the mid 19th century.

The beauty of the Ontario's Kaszuby and its vibrant traditions have attracted many post World War II Polish immigrants. Consequently, scores of summer cottages have been built, many permanent residences have been established and Polish youth camps organized - Kaszuby became the focus of Polish scouting in Canada.

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